Leak Detection


  • Finds leaks in the compressed air or gas system easily even from distance
  • High resolution 3.5” color touch screen, easing operations in leak detection
  • Almost unlimited memory for leak records
  • Wireless connection with headset
  • Built-in camera to take photo of leak locations
  • Voice recorder for voice memos
  • Laser pointer to pinpoint leak locations
  • Records leak information for statistics and repair
  • Calculates air loss in l/min, m3/h or cfm and in the local currency
  • Integrated noise reduction technology
  • Battery capacity for up to 8 hours



  • Finds leaks in compressed air system easily even from distance
  • Full support for Leak Surveys with the SUTO Leak Management
  • Software (LMS)
  • The perfect tool for professional leak detection
  • Fast return on investment
  • Easy to use, but powerful in performance

S531 is an ultrasonic leak detector that helps users quickly find and record leakages in compressed air or any gas systems. The built-in touch screen assists the user easy operation in leak detecting. Photographing and voice recording make leak surveys more flexible and efficient.

S531 is designed to work with SUTO LMS (Leak Management
Software) to enable companies to properly manage their leakage detection and repair activities.

Principle of measurement Ultrasonic leak detection
Measuring medium Compressed Air, refrigerants and any compressed gases
Measurement bandwidth 35 – 45 kHz
Plug 3.5 mm stereo phone jack for head set
Operating temperature 0 ... 40 °C
Battery life About 8 hours
Charging temperature 10 ... 45 °C
Charging time Around 3 hours
Housing material PC + ABS
Interface Wireless connection to headset
USB for charging and data exchange
Display 3.5” colour LCD
Laser pointer Wavelength: 640 ... 660 nm
Output power: < 1.0 mW
Camera 5.0 Mega Pixel
Headset Noise isolated, wirel


Order No. Description
P601 0104 S531 Leak Detector Set, Battery charger and accessories in transport case
P560 0104 S531 Leak Detector
A554 0119 Noise isolate/canceling headset, wireless
A530 0101 Focus tube and focus tip for accurately pinpointing
A554 0123 Trumpet for locating leaks over longer distances
A554 0117 Battery charger
A554 0118 Transport case S531
A554 0122 Leak tags to mark found leaks, 100 pieces
Additional accessories not included in the set:
A554 0103 Ultrasonic tone generator
R200 0070 Calibration S531


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