Compressed Air Filter

  • Air filter with differential pressure indicator and sight glass
  • Filter housing internal with anti-corrosion treatment


Technical Data
  • Working pressure:
  • Differential pressure: 0.007Mpa
  • Working temperature: 80OC
  • Service life of filter element: 6000 hour
Dessccription C T A AA H
Filter Element Separator Filter Element Air Line Filter Element High Efficiency Oil Ultra High Efficiency Oil Active Carbon Filter
Construction Material Stainless Steel Skeleton Stainless Steel keleton Stainless Steel Skeleton Stainless Steel Skeleton Stainless Steel Skeleton
Material Fiberglass Fiberglass Fiberglass+Foam Fiberglass+Foam Fiberglass+Foam+Carbon
Particel Removal 3 (µm) 1 (µm) 0.01 (µm) 0.01 (µm) 0.01 (µm)
Max. Oil Carryover 5 ppm 1 ppm 0.01 (mg/m3) 0.001 (mg/m3) 0.003 (mg/m3)
Max. Working Temp 80 C 66 C 66 C 66 C 66 C
Initial Pressure Loss 0.07 (kg/cm2) 0.07 (kg/cm2) 0.07 (kg/cm2) 0.07 (kg/cm2) 0.07 (kg/cm2)
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