VFM60N Standard Type Digital Vortex Flowmeter is a powerful flow meter utilizing “Karman vortex” theory, which can meet the requirement of measuring the flow rate of various fluids such as gas, steam and liquid.The unique dual-sensor design and special signal processing method has also ensured a better anti-vibration by eliminating the vibration signals to provide more reliable performance and lower measurement limit.


Advantage at a glance
  • 1:35 super wide turndown ration
  • Extremely high sensitivity, measurement limit to 2m/s
  • Patent dual-sensor design and  optimized signal processing technology to ensure excellent anti-vibration
Standard Type Digital Vortex Flowmeters
  • Extremely high sensitivity, minimum flow rate down to 2m/s
  • 1:35 super wide turndown ratio
  • Patent dual-sensor design and optimized signal processing technology to ensure best anti-vibration
  • No moving parts, very small pressure loss
  • Isolated design for electrical parts to eliminate interference
  • Wide power source adaptability to fit in different applications
  • 2 lines LCD display
  • Standard output is pulse and 4~20 mA, Hart@4~20mA and RS485 is available
  • Metric/British Unit selectable
  • Density compensation function available, do not need flow computer for mass flow
  • Password protecting function and self-diagnose function
High sensitivity, can measure gas / steam down to 2m/s

High sensitivity sensor, advanced signal processing technology and best anti - vibration features ensures the meter to provide 1%RD accuracy even at a super low velocity of 2 m/s for gas and steam

Best anti-vibration preformance

Dual-sensor design and patent digital signal processing technology ensures the meter can distinguish the vibration signal from the flow signal and eliminate it, to provide with best anti vibration preformance


Traditional vortex technologies are easily effected by vibration. In order to provide stable result, they can only cut off some useful signal mixed with vibration signal and flow signal

VFM60 vortex meter can distinguish the vibration signal from the flow signal, and eliminate the interference. So it can provide stable reading under vibration even the flow is down to 2m/s.

Fliud to measure Liquid, steam, gas
Nominal diameter Wafer/Flanged(ANSI/DN/DIN/JIS):15mm~300mm(1/2″~12″)
Measurement range(m/s) DN15~20 DN25~32 DN40~300
Steam 6~70 m/s 4~70 m/s 2~70 m/s
Gas 6~60 m/s 4~60 m/s 2~60 m/s
Liquid 0.3~7m/s 0.3~7m/s 0.3~7m/s
Accuracy ±1% RD (insertion is 1.5%RD)
For multi-variable version: temperature ±1°C,pressure:0.75% FS
Repeatability 0.3% RD
Output Pulse / 4~20mA / 4-20mA@ HART / RS-485
Process Temperature Range -40℃~150℃ ; -40℃~250℃ ; -40℃~350℃ ;
Process Pressure Limit –0.1 MPa (–1 kg/cm2) to flange rating
Ambient Temperature Range –40 to 85°C
Ambient Humidity 5 to 100% RH
Electrical Connection 1/2 NPT, M20 × 1.5
Materials 304 SS, 316 SS, 316L SS
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