TGF450 inline thermal mass flow meter is a measurement solution specially designed for compressed air and nitrogen flow. It can provide a stable and accurate measurement on a more economical cost. It has 1.5% FS+0.5RD accuracy on a 100:1 wide turndown ratio. The compact design and thick probe are easier to be installed on high pressure pipeline with limited room.


Advantage at a glance
  • Minimum flow rate down to 0.3m/s, 1:100 super wide turndown ratio
  • Designed for  air and nitrogen flow measurements, especially for compressed air
  • Standard output is pulse and RS485, Hart@4~20mA and 4~20mA is available
Inline thermal mass flowmeter application compressed air monitoring & control system
  • Extremely high sensitivity, minimum flow rate down to 2m/s
  • 1:35 super wide turndown ratio
  • Patent dual-sensor design and optimized signal processing technology to ensure best anti-vibration
  • No moving parts, very small pressure loss
  • Isolated design for electrical parts to eliminate interference
  • Wide power source adaptability to fit in different applications
  • 2 lines LCD display
  • Standard output is pulse and 4~20 mA, Hart@4~20mA and RS485 is available
  • Metric/British Unit selectable
  • Density compensation function available, do not need flow computer for mass flow
  • Password protecting function and self-diagnose function
Patent transmitter technology, reliable measurement and easy to operate
  • 2-line LCD display can display multi-variable at the same time
  • Insertion mounting, easy to install
  • No moving part, almost no pressure loss


Hot tap mounting available, can be installed without stopping in the flow
  • Robust hot tap insertion tool, make installation easier
  • Compact design, can be inserted into pipeline with high pressure even with hand
  • Easy to operate the installation
  • Anti-ejection design, provide more safety for installation under high pressure


TGF450- Insertion type In-line type
Media Compatibility Air, Nitrogen,O2,CO2,Argon,CH4, Natural gas, biogas, and almost all dry and clean air
Pipe diameter DN25~6000mm DN15~300mm
Flow velocity range 0.3~30Nm/s or 0.6~60Nm/s or 0.9~90Nm/s or 1.2~120Nm/s
Accuracy 0.5% RD+ ±1.5% FS
Temperature of medium -40~+150°c
Pressure of medium 1.6MPa 4.0Mpa
Power supply AC85~265V or DC13.5~42V
Response time 1 second
Output Frequency + pulse + 4~20Ma as standard
Communication RS~485 as standard , 4~20mA@HART as optional
Date displayed Mass flow, Volume flow in normal condition
Total flow , Temperature of medium. Velocity
Ingress protection grade IP65 (GB China)
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